V. Millie Thanks a Few {text}

I'm glad Christopher came after me when I ran away. Not that I'm not perfectly capable of running away by myself, but...well, it was nice of him to do so. And I am a proper lady, not a Heathen like he once thought, so I suppose I ought to say thank-you.

Thanks, Christopher. You're like my own Cora Hope-Fforbes. Of course, I still would never want to live with you on a deserted island somewhere. I'm not quite that thankful. And I'm glad for what you said, if it is true--that Gabriel's seen right and won't make me go back to that terrible school. I never did quite like the idea of running away, but you understand, of course. There wasn't any other choice.

I'm ever so pleased to know Conrad and Cat, as well, and Umi and Lucy and Yuuko. And Klartch as well, of course! This place can be quite beastly. Having friends makes it not quite so bad. And I'm truly very grateful to Tohru for giving me a job. Things are starting to look rather up.

[Filtered from Cat]

I'm not much of a baker--or a cook at all, really--but I was wondering if anyone here might have a good gingerbread recipe? I could get one from a book, of course, but they say the recipes you make yourself are the best ones.

Christopher, I think I've devised a spell for the gingerbread men, but I'd like to test it first. Can you keep Cat busy for a day? When you're not working, of course!

And if there's anyone here who's friends with Cat Chant, could you speak up, please? He's been rather down of late and we'd like to do something for him to cheer him up a bit. It would be nice if his friends could be there.


[ooc: Millie's going to be organizing a picnic for Cat since he's been so worried about Syracuse and Klartch that it's starting to make Christopher and Millie really worry.

...Um. Also. Tags will be slow because. I. tried to make pasta. and burnt the sauce to the pan. so now I'm cleaning that orz.]
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IV. Millie Gets Homesick {text}

Is it very odd, to miss two homes? Not that I'd call Series Ten my home any longer, since I can't go back. But I miss little things. Spiced lamb, the inner part of the Temple, how the clothes felt...

Mostly, though, I miss Mother Proudfoot.

But I suppose if there's one thing I do truly miss about Series Ten, it's the heat. Everywhere else is so comparatively cold. Even at night, it was lovely and warm. The desert is supposed to be cold after sundown, but the city--or the Temple, at least--was always warm, the bricks were spelled to soak up the heat and save it for nighttime. The cats--well, except for Throgmorten, that foul beast--would crawl in with me anyway. Here and in 12-A, I've got to put warming spells on all my clothes and make them thrice as strong as a regular spell.

It's unfair rather, though, since I'll never really be able to see Series Ten. I'm almost jealous of Christopher. He got to see the city, and he didn't have to be weighed down by gold and overwhelmed by people trying to touch him to do it.

[ooc: I meant to get this up yesterday, but whateva. Millie is cursed with Citizenship Day, and she's talking about her first home, the Tenth Series in the Twelve Related Worlds. Her particular homeworld (which is PROBABLY 10-A) is a desert, and when Millie was there, she was the Living Aspect of the Goddess Asheth, a very real and not very nice goddess in her world. When she was about ten, she ran away to Christopher's world, which is her current home.]

III. Millie's Cooking Adventure {video}

[Millie is standing in front of the stove, sluggishly stirring a pot and peering at the small-lettered instructions on an empty can. She looks like she hasn't slept in...well, twenty-four hours or so.

Which is why it comes as no real surprise when her eyes droop closed and her head lolls to the side.

She lets out a strangled cry and jolts awake just as the contents of the pot catch fire and light up the sleeve of her blouse. The fire fizzles and sputters once or twice before going out, springing back up, and then firmly going out for good with an explosion of thick grey smoke that sets off the fire alarm.]

Oh! Oh, drat! And blast! Curse this wretched, wretched City and its--its curses! And piffle you, you De--

[She slaps a hand over her mouth.]

Now how do I stop that incessant wailing?

[ooc: She was trying to make you soup, boys... :(

Work, then Harry Potter (again), then dinner with my sister, so I'll be back late and comments will be backdated.]

II. Millie's First Curse {text}

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Millie--Millie de Witt will do, I suppose, if you need a full name--and I'd like to inquire into any available positions in the Library. I have some experience, which is to say, I usually live someplace with quite a remarkable library itself, and I spend such a great deal of time in it. I'm also an enchantress, although not a very good one, but I can do some things.

I'd be extremely grateful if you'd take me on. We have a bit of a, er, well, something of a food shortage at the flat, among other expenses that need covering.

I promise not to read on the job


Millie de Witt
Millie de Witt


You are heretofore required to run all drycleaning expenses by Conrad or me, or use magic for the job. I know it tires you out, but really! Six greens! It's not like I haven't seen you in a union suit. At least go without the silk ties. They are expensive to clean. You can be as much of a ninny about your looks after you get a job.

And do be sure to teach Conrad levitation spells first thing. There was a bit of a, er, mishap today...



P.S. - I found the Millie books!!!!!!!


Oh, I do hope you're alright, and I'm so terribly sorry about today! Sometimes I panic, and I'm terribly clumsy when I do.

Did you find anything useful?



You weren't kidding about that library!


Dearest Enchanters and Improvers (you flatmatey lot),

I picked up some books on ghost stories and the like when we were at the library today.

I also got cookbooks. We're each going to take a turn (although if Cat doesn't want to, I don't see why he should). I can't eat burnt eggs and bacon another day, however well Conrad's improved (sorry!). Do keep cost in mind when you pick your recipes.

How goes the employment pursuit?

Yrs evr.,

[ooc: Dear John curse. All letters are public and viewable to everyone.]
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I. Millie Arrives In the City {accidental video}

[A girl wanders down a shadowed hallway that looks rather opulent, even through the lack of light. The girl is a little on the plump side and dressed in old-fashioned clothes, and she looks frightened. One hand is pressed to her chest, and she keeps giving the deeper shadows skittish looks. When she speaks, her voice is a quiet moan.]

I thought this was supposed to be the way out, or at least into whichever one Christopher's at! I'd just started to get used to the layout of the last one... But--

[She peers around, blinking, then stands up a little straighter with a sigh of relief.]

Thank heavens, she's not in this one. [She gives a little moan.] Oh, I just want done with this wretched place!

[ooc: I wanted to wait to post until my castmates were free. Millie's arrived in the Piaculum Palace, since that's the place most like Stallery Manor, where she was supposed to end up.]
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